Set Professional Boundaries and take a day off!

Set Professional Boundaries and take a day off!

The last few months have been crazy for me Business wise. This is the first time I can say I am booked to capacity! I am grateful, but today I had to check myself.


I have not taken a day off in probably about 6 months. A real day off, a day where I am not replying to messages or researching or responding to clients, a day where I completely turn that Business line off. I owe it to myself to take a real day off and this is your reminder to do the same.


Ok enough of that, I am really here to remind you to SET PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES!


I recently had an encounter with a client who was upset, because I was on Social Media and did not respond to her text on a Sunday. Sunday is my "off" day, I am still working, but I try to take off from correspondence, because after a long week of communication with the world, my social meter needs to reset. This reminded me of my boundaries I wrote down for 2022 and moving forward.


Let me share my list:

  1. Set Office Hours - Don't respond outside these hours, even if you are working, respect the boundaries you set, so your client will.

  2. Reclaim My Time - Yes, I took this from Auntie Maxine Waters! For me this means to remind myself to have fun and breathe and that my clients don't own me. I can have a moment to myself and not feel guilty.

  3. Get a Finsta ( fake Instagram- get it?) - I have always been very outspoken, but prospective clients don't need to see EVERYTHING. With all the pages I manage this is the hardest thing to do, but I promised myself to enjoy social media again without the pressure if analytics and being able to post freely! Clients will overanalyze your posts or deem you "unprofessional" in an instant. You are your Brand, so find you a super private outlet to enjoy if you miss the freedom.

  4. Refund, Refund, Refund- If you have a client who wants to be rude and you know that you won't work well together, save your time and refund them. Everyone is not meant to be your client.

  5. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up- In my business , there is a trend of clients not providing the information needed to complete a task. This will lead to a delay in a project or task being completed and guess who will be to blame? I will give you a hint: Not the client. So follow up so much it hurts!


These are 5 Boundaries I promised to follow in 2022, I am vowing to myself to keep my word! I hope these helped you or even reminded that you have been besting your rules. This is the part no one tells you about when starting a business! One thing for certain, the work will be there waiting for you after you take a break.


Take a break and set your professional boundaries.

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