Day 3/30 of Limited Social Media

Day 3/30 of Limited Social Media


Hey Magic Team!

I have been feeling like I was going to explode for about 3 months, it's been like I could not get my brain right! I couldn't focus and I know my attitude and temper have been off the chain. So I decided to take 30 days "OFF" Social Media to clear my brain.

The world of creating and Social Media has started to feel like a prison for me. Even with taking time off I feel guilty, I know my stats will suffer, I know my followers will decrease and I know that it will take time for me to get back in the algorithm.

This is day 3, but let me tell you what I have been doing.

1. I changed my services- I will no longer offer Social Media Management as an Individual (you will know what that means later)

2. I decided to use the Processes and Procedures I set up to get organized 

I will try to email you guys to keep you posted on my break progression.

3. I have been using my Assistant and she has help me a lot! Learning to accept help has been a huge struggle for me.

4. I have been dropping Merch that I want, for the longest I was scared, but I will be dropping more and more and I hope you enjoy it.

I will still schedule posts and check my pages daily for tags or comments, but I will not be scrolling or engaging alot like usual, so if you want me to see something tag me or message it to me! I am not completely off as I am still serving my clients, but I am limited.

To my Clients, thank you for allowing me to get myself together, I never told any of you how I was felling, but you have stuck with me and didn't realize it.

To My Magic Team- TAKE THE TIME OFF, I have not had a break from Social Media for 3 years and even in 3 Days I can tell it was needed. Your following will be there and if not - they are not meant to be your audience. We are human and not robots- MONETIZE DEEZ! Alot of people ask me how can they support me and honestly Merch is my answer. If you don't need a service, purchase MERCH to support me.

Have a good one and take care of yourself.

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