5 things no one tells you about going Viral

5 things no one tells you about going Viral

Recently one of my clients went Viral for 2 of her Reels, although we both were excited, there we so many obstacles we didn't see coming.

  1. You cannot predict when you will go Viral, the reels went viral on Facebook and we were more focused on Instagram Reels. We were also surprised at which Reels went Viral, so we had no warning.

  2. Monitor the comments, some will be harsh, some will be funny, some will be a prospective customer asking for the website, so look at them all. Eventually we stopped responding, but we received a lot of orders by simply responding and clarifying assumptions. Always reply as your brand with no feelings attached.

  3. You need a helping hand, my client and I literally took shifts to handle the comments. When she was sleep I was handling them, when I was sleep, she would handle them! We could have easily used four people, but ask someone to assist you. Eventually I told my client I would man the pages while she start making the hundreds of orders she received.

  4. Talk to your audience, my client received calls day and night asking if she was real, she made a video introducing herself and her husband and that really helped the calls slow down!

  5. Make sure you don't fumble the bag, make this moment yours and engage with your new audience, be patient and repeat yourself as many times as needed. The way you reply is seen by thousands of people and can make or break you.

Going viral is no joke, but keep posting! Going viral is not a magic fix, if my client didn't have the groundwork done, meaning having policies , a website that explained all her products and an inventory processs in place, this could have easily shut her brand down! STAY READY SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET READY!

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