3 reasons your Website is not generating Sales

3 reasons your Website is not generating Sales

1.You need more Content or Better Quality Content


Your content can make or break your website. DIY product pictures can hurt you if they are not clear and bright. Quality is not the only issue, product videos or pictures should sell the products. For example, if you are selling a handbag, your description states " Spacious" show us!


2. No Calls to Action


Be direct about what you want people to do when visit your site. Tell them to “Subscribe Now” if you’re trying to build your email marketing list or “Click to Purchase” if you want them to buy something. Place the call at or near the top of the page.


3.Confusing Navigation


Place your headline at the top with a call to action or form on the right, and then break up other information into sub-headers or bullet points so it’s easy to read. A lot of people scan your site vs reading it, so make it short and simple. This makes lead-generating elements hard to miss.


The list goes on, do not be afraid to change your site until you find what attracts your target audience and gets you the SALE. Invest in photoshoots they will improve your site! If you do not want to pay a designer for your site, take time to make sure the site is user and mobile friendly as 79% of consumers shop solely on their phones.


Always remember " You can't afford not to invest in yourself".

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